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Important Information, Property reservation process and general guidlines. 

Almost 100% !!!! of our Property reserved for 2022/2023. This compared with previous years where typically around 60% of our property let by this time of year.
Tenants should expect to pay an equal share of one months rent each as a  deposits payable by bank transfer to us to reserve a property. The deposit paid will be registered with the Deposit protection scheme (DPS) We are a small independant company so whether you are making an enquiry or placing a reservation this will be handled by Damien or Sally.  There are two example methods of payment shown in reserve a property on our website, home page. 
Viewing video tours available on every property. 
All our properties have virtual viewing video tours. The videos are available at the bottom of each property page. These are are provided so that you can see all aspects of the property,  as if you are walking through the property in person. Checking everything that is on offer in each room, cupboards, storage, beds, kitchen appliance, etc.  
Virtual viewing property video tours
Compared to previous years, 2021-22 has definetly changed the way how MOST STUDENT groups are choosing to reserve a property. OVER 90% of groups 2021 choose to reserve a  property with us using the virtual property tour option. This convenient property viewing option provides an informative video tour so groups could decide on a property. The video allows a whole group the opportunity to view and to make a joint informed decision because everyone can view, choose rooms. etc, together from the video.
Often for logistical reasons whole groups rearly make it to a joint in person viewing. Waiting to arrange an in person viewing could mean you miss your opportunity to secure a property you are really interested in. Another group could reserve the same property from a virtual viewing before you have the chance to see the property. 
COVID restrictions may change again?  and effect the movement and mixing of groups. 
OUR RECOMENDATION, based on current levels of new season activity, if you are ready?? you should NOT DELAY. If you see a property you like the chances are you won't be the only group interested!
To avoid disappointment  
please contact us ASAP by TEXT MESSAGE, please dont telephone us. We can then start the process of helping you secure a property for next year. Providing the videos has enabled groups to reserve a property without the need to visit the property in person. VIEWINGS IN PERSON If viewings are arranged to take place in person. We expect to meet smaller/ not whole groups on behalf of a whole group for a viewing. Please be aware, if we recieve a reservation request from a virtual viewing for the property you have planned to view we will have to cancel your viewing. 
We often recieve high levels of enquiries, especially in the peak of the letting season November - March. And summer months. We do not want to miss your contact with us. So whether it's a general property maintaince issues or new property rental enquiry ? So we can record the date and time you have contacted us please do not telephone us. Instead TEXT YOUR COMUNICATION PLEASE  to our mobile. This means we have your details logged and in writing for quick reference. When necessary by arrangement we can return a phone call to you. 
When tenants confirm their interest in a property they will be provided with by email, A deposit payment receipt, a draft contract and financial rent statement. We recomend that these documents should be considered carefully and provided to the tenants chosen guarantors and advisors prior to making any reservation payments. 
We expect that prospective tenants should pay the holding deposit, typically one weeks rent, each, within 48hrs of recieving the necessary contract and payment documents from us. If we have not recieved a holding deposit payment within 48 hours we will offer the property to the next eligable group and continue with viewings. Under the terms of the tenancy act 2019 a part of the deposit paid will be retained, not refunded. If a prospective tenant decides not to proceed to rent after 7 days of receipt of the holding deposit, fails to take reasonable steps to enter a tenancy agreement before the deadline (15 days) or if we are misinformed about a tenant's sutibility to rent a property.  


We believe that tenants should expect to recieve and move into a property that is profesionally clean, well maintained  and ready to occupy. Under the terms of your contract and in compliance with tenant fees act 2019. The tenancy fees act allows us to reach an agreement with the tenant for an end of tenancy deep clean. i.e.  At the end of a tenancy the property should be cleaned thoroughly ( as recieved) employing a professional cleaning firm. 
End of tenancy.

With your help we will guide you through the organisation of the whole end of tenancy process. In our experence this stage of the tenancy often presents a challanging time with different members leaving the property at different times. This happens often as group members need to vacate for a whole manner or reasons, work placements, prearranged holidays etc.  Our aim is to help cordinate with you during this end of tenancy process until the property is fully vacated. Recieve the property back unclean at the end of the tenancy on an arranged checkout appointment. Then with your agreement arrange to have the property cleaned by a professional firm on your behalf. Tenants should expect to pay around £100 and no more than £125 per tenant for an end of tenancy property deep clean. The clean fee works out at less that £2.50per person a week over the term of the contract. The deep clean is subject to a minium property cleaning fee of £350. This assumes a moderate to normal property clean is required. The cleaning charge does not account for the removal of disposal of personal belongings, disposal of household rubbish or recycling.   

Where mentioned or seen in photographs or on viewings, gardens are maintained by the landord. 
The properties that are available for viewing are subject to prospective tenants agreeing to sign a fixed term shorthold tenancyagreement /contract.
Sometimes due to matters outside of the agents/ landlords control the contract start date and the lenght of the contract term shown may be subject to change.
Extra monthly costs. Due to recent rises/ anticipated rises in utility bills this is difficuly for us to estimate. 
None of the property prices listed include utility bills. Utility company prices will vary and we suggest that each tenant should budget for these extra monthly costs.  For example gas, electricity, water and Broadband. We would suggest as a general guide tenants should allow for a further spend per month on top of rent of around £65 each. The example on the utility usage of households will vary. Bills will  dependant on usage and the size , style and age of the property. 
You will need to apply for your own broadband when your contract starts.
Student tenants do not pay council tax.  

Contact us with your property enquiry, reservation request mobile TEXT ONLY 07967369213 

If you have any queries or wish to make an appointment please contact us BY TEXT MESSAGE ONLY. 
Please do not leave voice messages on the answer machine. 

Business Hours; Monday to Friday 9am-3pm Appointments outside these hours can be arranged 

+44 7967369213                            enrightdamien@gmail.com 

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